Consulting and Coaching for Heroes

You think heroes don't need coaching?     Heroes, too, need allies.

You think, you are not working with heroes?     There is a hero in everyone. It is a leadership task to see and call forth that hero in each person.

You think, you are not a hero?     Who are you then in your life? Heroes are humans who are responsible - response-able. 

Corporate Passion assists you in being responsible like a hero. We need heroes these days: Humans with courage, who act creatively and cooperatively, who are pragmatic visionaries, ready to dare something new.

Corporate Passion means: cool-headed and fiery-hearted. For success and happiness.

Corporate Passion offers you consulting and coaching for entrepreneurs, so that you can shape the culture of your company and your life the way you want to.
Innovative and sustainable methods combine business science, neurobiology and quantum physics with ancient wisdom. Very practical and doable.

If you want to know, what improvements are possible in your situation, take a look at the services I offer and get in touch with me.


  1. Cool-headed and fiery-hearted: Corporate Passion sets out to create a happier world, especially at work. more

  2. You can live the life you want or you can have the reasons why you can't. The choice is yoursmore about the methodology

  3. Discover how important the culture of your company is for your business success and for your happiness. Business life is not only about figures and things we can measure. The so called "soft" unmeasurable factors may have the biggest influence on our success. more about the basics

  4. The time has come for a new era of leadership. more

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