A new era of leadership

It is more important to ask the right questions than to know all the answers.

We live in a time of enormous and fast changes. The time has come for a new era of leadership.

There was a time, when we actually tried to „manage change“ - an activity that assumes that there are times in between changes where life is stable and we can focus on the actual business. Those times are gone.

The increased complexity and speed of change have put an enourmous pressure on todays leaders. It is almost impossible to gather and evaluate all relevant information diligently before making decisions - by the time we are done with that, the situation has changed already.

That means the times that one great person at the top has the strategic plan and tells more or less everybody else what to do has outlived itself. Yet so many of todays leaders still think they have to have all the answers. We have learned in school that it is better not to admit if we don't know the answer. But in today's world this approach is a fatal dead-end. None of us can still know all the answers. The only way to meet todays complexity successfully is to source on the potential of everybody in the company. That also requires to honestly ask them and to hear their answers. We cannot afford anymore to have people on board that just do their time or you just do what the boss tells them.

The new paradigm calls for leaders that can ask the right questions. The new paradigm calls for leaders who are clear on their own purpose, and pursue it authentically and passionately. Leaders who are able to attract gifted people, who can ask their advice and can take it. Leaders who can create a cooperative team spirit, who can ignite a fire that inflames others and that inspires everyone to give their best. Such an inspiration creates intrinsic motivation and nothing else has a larger impact.

Leading this way makes the company more successful, it makes everybody who works for it happier and therefore makes the world a happier place.

How do you personally embrace this changing world? Where do you resist it?

And looking at it with full consciousness: What does it mean for your work and for your life?


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