The intellect has a sharp eye for methods and tools, but it is blind towards goals and values. Albert Einstein

Every one of us - consciously or unconsciously - engages the world on four levels all the time:

     1. physical level, 2. mental/emotional level, 3. mythic level, 4. energetic level

Our western culture are at home on the first two levels:

ad 1: We understand the material, physical world: We can see it, measure it and touch it.

ad 2: We try to understand the mental and emotional realm - some of us with more success than others ;-) We are thinking and feeling, but to measure or touch thoughts and feelings usually does not work. Rational thinking has brought humanity a lot of progress. We have a lot of words for emotions, and we all feel something most of the time. We feel good, or angry for example.

So far we are on common ground.

Our culture though has mostly forgotten about the third and fourth level:

ad 3: The mythic or soul level holds the deeper meaning of our experiences in life. Typical questions to enter this realm are: What does this experience mean for my life and what can I learn from it? How did I contribute to what happened? It requires taking responsibility for your own life. It empowers us when we acknowledge that each one of us co-creates our own reality. Are we ready to take that power? And what are we going to do with it?

ad 4: The energetic level is very powerful. It is individual and universal at the same time and it is currently rediscovered and scientifically proven by quantum physics. Here spirituality from many traditions is met by modern science in knowing that we are all connected to each other energetically. None of us is alone or separate. All we feel, think or do effects others - all the time. Consciously or unconsciously. It results in a fundamental shift of paradigms - not only for leadership.
On this level, we just know if someone we meet has a positive attitude towards us or not. No word spoken, one glance and we know. It is a sudden knowing and all of us have experienced it. We call it instinct or intuition. We all radiate energy and we all receive energies from others. Our subconscious decodes the information it holds. Usually the energies we ourselves radiate have a significant part in creating the circumstances in our lives that we perceive as problematic or pleasurable.

Knowing that this is happening all the time anyway, do you prefer to do it unconsciously or consciously?

Corporate Passion offers you concise methods to consciously engage on the energetic level.


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