Organizations work the way they do because of how we work, how we think and interact; the changes required ahead are not only in our organizations but in ourselves as well.  Peter M. Senge

Each one of us is born into this world with all greatness and all potential. Children have no inhibitions and are so free. They are fully in the here and now. Everything is new and magic. Then life takes its course, with all its conditioning and experiences, of which our brain builds mental models. Basic assumptions on how the world is. At some point we forget that they were only assumptions and take it for reality.

Interestingly, our brain cannot differentiate memories of the past from the present. At the same time our neo-cortex (part of our brain) tries to sort everything into some causal connection. As a result, many of us are unable to truly make a new experience. Any event today reminds us of something in the past and lets the brain load the corresponding feelings and expectations. At home and at work. If we do not meet this inner "auto-pilot" with consciousness, we do not even notice it.

It fascinates me what power and what limitations our own thinking brings into our life. Today I know that we always have a choice. Today I know efficient and practical methods to change our mental models, so that we are actually able to choose. My goal in life and my passion is to pass this knowledge on.

It has long been known that the time has come for a new era of leadership, and that the mental models of leaders have a determining influence on the culture and thereby the soul and the success of any corporation: In 1990 Peter M. Senge wrote his book "The fifth discipline" on learning organizations. This book was honoured by the Financial Times as one of the five greatest business books of all time. The title of the first chapter is: "How our actions create our reality...and how we can change it".

Just the methods to truly change our mental models have not yet arrived in the business world. Corporate Passion closes this gap.

Do you want to find out about the possibilities for your company and your life?

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