Stay hungry, stay foolish. Steve Jobs

Corporate Passion offers you travel guidance on your journey - as consulting and as coaching. If you are ready for it, Corporate Passion gives you innovative and profound methods to achieve more happiness and more success for your company and for yourself.

You are unique and your company is unique. Therefore, what works for you must be tailor-made.

Find out what is possible. Call me.

WHEN?       Good times to bring in Corporate Passion are:

1. If your company has grown rapidly.

2. If there are significant changes in the market conditions for your company.

3. If a large part of the energy in your company is not directed towards pursuing the common business goals, but towards internal
    issues and power struggles. Or, if for another reason you feel your company is not living up to its full potential.

4. Change of leadership (Change of CEO, change of owner, mergers etc.)

5. Structural changes (in- or outsourcing; setting up new departments or closing down existing ones)

WHAT?           How Corporate Passion can support you:

1. Leadership coaching
    especially with regard to:
       - refocusing on the core purpose of your business
       - leading humans with inspiration and with passion
       - conscious leadership: How do you tick as a leader and what effects does that have?

2. Dealing with increasing complexity and challenges
    especially with regard to:
       - burnout prevention
       - stress management
       - sustaining your power to perform and that of your team long term

3. „Change Management“
    especially with regard to:
       - Why we cannot manage „change“: Safely dealing with uncertainty for you and your team 
       - recognizing the evolving opportunities ("learning organization")
       - Conscious shaping and nourishing of the culture of your company.



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