Corporate Passion sets out to create a happier world, especially at work.

We have created a society and work culture that seems so efficient and still so many of us are not truly happy with their work. Short-term planning reduces the goals of many companies to maximizing profits and leaders are loosing the sense of „What for?

Our business world and work culture focuses on good implementation and measurable results - earnings, shareholder value, process optimization, lean management and cost cutting. Most of us think the culture, or soul, of the company are soft factors and underestimate its relevance for the company's success. Peter Drucker says: "Culture eats strategy for breakfast." Your company culture encompasses how things are done in your company and how humans treat each other. If your culture does not support your strategic goals, you will fail. Because a strategic goal in itself does not deliver meaning, does not deliver an answer to the question: "What for?"

A highly increased complexity of today‘s business world and pressure for measurable financial performance seem to be leaving no space for „soft stuff“. We believe that we do not have time to ask for the meaning.

And yet, it is the most important success factor for any business. To know what you get up for in the morning and wanting to contribute unlocks all your potential and that of the people who work with you. Each one of us is so much better and more creative if we want to do something as opposed to when we have to. You get there by consciously shaping the culture - or the soul - of your company.

There is a direct positive effect to the bottom line results of your company. And: It increases the happiness of everybody working for that cause. If there ever has been a win/win situation - this is it. Corporate Passion stand for this win/win. "Corporate Passion" means more passion and happiness in corporations - for more success. 

Do you want to be happier and more successful in your work?  Find out how.



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