To live means to choose. Kurt Tucholsky

We always engage life on different levels.

On the physical level for example your body is somewhere - let's say in a chair at your desk.

On the emotional/mental level you feel a certain way - good or bad or tired or full of energy. You are thinking of something: About your next project, about some trouble at home, about a conflict with a colleague or about your last vacation... Your thoughts and your body can lead pretty independent lives of their own.

On the energetic level your thoughts and feelings - your inner attitude - let you send out a frequency. Always.

If for example you are answering a colleagues question, the frequency you send out if you are in a good mood is different from answering unnerved and under time pressure. That is also true, if your body posture and the words you choose are identical in both cases. Your opposite though is reacting mostly to this frequency - to the energy that you emanate.

To live with intention means to choose which frequency we emanate.

That is not always so easy and requires a high level of consciousness. Often we think and act unconsciously. Our conditioning, experiences and the resulting mental models let us fly through life on "autopilot". As a result we ask ourselves why all the others are so weird or incapable or why we always end up having the same problems with our business partners or significant others. What our own contribution is, we rarely ask, if ever. What intention we are sending out though - consciously or unconsciously - does have a significant influence on what we encounter in life (law of attraction).

The way to freedom of choice leads from the inside out, through self-consciousness: The better you know yourself, the clearer it is to you, that your personal perception of the world and of other people constitutes your reality. And how you perceive something is your choice.

Do you want to choose which frequency you emanate and what you encounter in life as a consequence? Consciousness and intention are the two most powerful keys to passion, and therefore to happiness in your life.


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