We act as though comfort and luxury were the chief requirements in life, when all that we need to make us really happy is something to be enthusiastic about. Charles Kingsley

Let's assume you answer me: "I want to be rich and famous." And I ask you: "Why?" And you answer for example: "Because then I can do what I want and people want to be with me." And I ask you: "Why do you want that?"

I am putting this bet on the table: If I keep asking you - or you keep asking yourself: "WHY you want what you want?", you will ultimately arrive at this point: "Because then I am happy."

Deep within us is the believe that what we want in life will make us happy. Success in business, the next promotion, a million in our bank account, a great partner, kids, a faster car, a trip around the world, to be free, to safe the world...whatever.

If what you are striving for will truly make you happy is a question only you can answer. It takes awareness. Consciousness. It takes pausing and checking in again and again: How am I?

Am I feeling good or not? Am I tired, hungry, in a good or bad mood? Why? Is what I am doing right now nurturing me or not? Is it nurturing the people I am interacting with or not? Not short-term, but long-term. At home and in the office. What upsets me and why? Are my inner attitude and my expectations making me and others feel better? What stops me from being happy?

What contribution does your work make to your happiness? Or said in a different way: What part of what is truly important to you and makes you happy can you live at your workplace? How can you make this part bigger in your current position?

If we live consciously, we know with what intention we think, say or do something. Not all the time, but more of the time all the time. If you make a conscious choice that everything you do shall make a contribution to your happiness and to the happiness of others, it gives you an inner compass that guides you in each moment. And it is you who determines the direction - fully conscious.

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