Humans are not machines.

At the end of the day corporations are living organism, consisting of the human beings who work there. Humans have needs, behaviours, fears and dreams. Humans are most motivated if first they find meaning in their work, second they can actively shape their work and third if they are appreciated for it. 

The culture or soul of a company consists of these three factors:

  1. the bigger purpose or the reason for its existence: The purpose of a company describes what it brings into the world. What is its dream? This is what arises passion, dedication and extraordinary performances.
  2. Freedom to shape the work and to develop one's full potential: If humans in a corporation can grow and unfold their potential, then the corporation can also. Only then. 
  3. a mutual understanding (core values) about how the people in the company treat each other and their environment.

Or shorter:
The soul of a company consists of the answers to these two questions: "What are we doing here?" and "How do we do it?"

The culture or soul of a company is healthy and thriving if the following statements are true:

  1. The leaders are clear regarding their own goals in life and regarding the purpose of the company. They are able to inspire others to contribute.
  2. Humans can contribute and actively shape their work. They are appreciated and recognized. Creativity and pragmatic visionary thinking is supported and called for.
  3. The core values are agreed upon and they are lived authentically - within the company and when interacting externally.  Communication is open and honest.

Ask yourself (and please be honest with yourself): Does all this apply to your company? If so, congratulations!

If not, your company is not living its full potential.

Call me, if you want to change that.


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